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*sob* It's like experience eight Christmases at once. I hope that it becomes a series so I can collect them ALLLLLL.

Even though the Future Arc is one and done for a while, I still wish for a 10051, Japan. It'll partially make up that you will never release Hetalia doujin anthologies.

Eee, I feel like a 15 year old all over again. I can't wait to buy it, especially I'm getting my next to last paycheck from the Census. Let's say I saved up a nice little nestegg so I can move out of my family house sometime next year and in case shit happens and I'm out of a job, I have money to dip to hold me 3-4 months (but need to save up until 7 months). And hopely have money left over for a new laptop. Gessekai is two months from being four years old...


Also, talking about Hetalia, I've been on a spending an selling spree. Seriously, I sold close to 20 of 30 Hetalia doujins and anthology and have 20 that I'm not planning to sell anytime soon. OTL. Vicious circle.

Sponsorship and shit...

I think I'm going to cancel this sponsorship after the Olympics. The layout looks pretty terribad and it's not like I'm using the extra stuff so....

I'm trying to raise money again. I never realized how fucking crazy collecting doujinshi is
.Seriouly, people, seriously...Collapse )
My sleeping habits hate this job. I passed out at the computer like 10 PM, and woke up at 2:30 AM.

Now I feeling sleepy as hell and I have to get up at 8 AM at the very latest.

If my sister thinks she can wake me up anytime before 10 AM on Christmas Day, she will receive an extra Christmas gift of my foot introducing itself to her back.

Then I have work (late) on Saturday. *sigh*

And I did absolutely shit for the Hetalia and Reborn fandom this Christmas. I can finish a couple of scanlations that I pretty much almost done. I need to do it in a 5 hour time frame though.

Also, I will put up my doujin collection when I'm back from work tomorrow! ;3;

So, I'm finally back here?

Well, damn. I just stopped writing, didn't I? Well, welcome new friends and old.

I haven't done anything new in that gap other than getting hired for a new job, then quit because of its shadiness. Suffer for the next five months until I got another one, dipping into my savings and racking a fine credit card bill (don't worry, it's not terrible and I can pay it off in a couple months since I don't depend on it anymore. I never liked credit cards in the first place).

So, Christmas is less than three weeks away. I want to do something for both Hitman Reborn fandom and Hetalia fandom. I might as well finish scanlating those America/Japan doujins and that one England/Japan doujin that I found a Chinese translation but I can use it since I have the original Japanese doujin to it. And I might as well finish those Hitman Reborn scanlation projects I started last year.

God, I miss the Hitman Reborn fandom. I'm seriously behind the manga (the last chapter I read was 220) and the fandom isn't the same...

Now, next journal, should I take pictures of my doujinshi collection? I collected so many single doujins that they have filled up my secret compartment and I had to make another one. *Sigh* I'm thinking expanding my sale... but I don't want to get rid of the doujin I have but Winter Comiket is a few days after Christmas... BAWWWWWWW....

I'm hoping that my friends would give me Kinokuniya gift certificates because I NEED to buy doujin anthologies.

Since we're on the topic of doujin anthologies, my favorite store for them, Asahiya, closed down on Halloween this year. Their NYC branch really took a big hit from the economy and Kinokuniya moving down next to Bryant Park. Shit, it was my favorite place to get manga that takes forever for Kinokuniya to stock like Boku to Kanojo no XXX. *sigh*

Whatever, I just going to pissed that getting doujin anthologies just got harder.

Also, my body hurts all over. I think not having two straight days of rest is really taking its toll. I really need a desk job even though his job is helping me lose weight. Damn this, DDR can do that...

Ugh, why me...?

Seriously, people. It's like I'm falling apart....

Man, I was planning on making some pies for my friend for her birthday, which was yesterday and her family as a Chinese New Years gift. Maybe I can stop by the mall nearby my hair salon tomorrow and pick up stuff. ;_; Getting yams might be the hard part though. I'll buy enough that I'll make a couple pies for my family since we didn't have the family pie on Christmas.

Also watch out for the next couple of entries. After spending money on Hetalia doujinshi and the inevitable trip to the podiarist, I'll need it. I'm selling a lot of stuff like doujinshi, books and mags.

Also, Vocaloid is slowly taking over my iPod. LMAO.

I have this song on repeat despite it's a song about someone who passed away. If I could, I would play this song in my funeral. Along with Uninstall by Chiaki Ishikawa. It's a pretty moving song with a groovy beat.

Dear NYC News Stations....

As awesome it was that people on that plane were safe and no one was hurt and is a very rare event, but do you need to interrupt my daily viewing of Oprah for a press conference about what happened to the plane? I mean, the news comes on at 5 PM, you could replay the whole conference THEN.

Dammit. I want my Oprah.


Fuck, Planning a Sale is Hard....

Also, why US, more specfically NYC has some shitty mail services? Ugh, ugh, ugh.

Plus, I need to stop watching Intervention on A&E because shit's depressing until like the very end and that's depressing. There was one particular one about a woman who's an alcoholic who lived a pretty hard life. That whole episode made me cry a few times. I don't normally cry on this show, but this particular one really got to me. Maybe it's because my family lived that sort of situation with my late oldest uncle.

Bah, I'll listen to smooooch to lift my spirits up.

There's also a Hetalia version (it's a Nico Nico Douga link because the Youtube version is really off).

The First Real Post of the Year~!

I totally had like this post planned days weeks ago, with a picture of my beautiful Christmas that I got scratched up hands putting it together (plastic Christmas tree FTW, I hate the smell of pine).

My New Years was fun, I had fun with my cousin (okay, he's not really my cousin in blood, but in spirit) and watching my mother get drunk. It was blast, and we had a feast on top of that: Chicken, Deviled Eggs (which I didn't know we had before I snuck off with the last one), Black Eyed Peas, Ribs... just a traditional Southern dinner. My mother wouldn't allow me to drink even though I've been legal for like four years now. LOL.

Well, gotta go. Tonight's Superstars of Dance night and I'm watching with my grandmother. The show is entertaining although not as good as So You Think You Can Dance. Meh.

You know it's coming....